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If you’re interested in listening to an insightful podcast that covers everything from sports, music, education, to all things entertainment then definitely listen to OnlyOnFridays. It’s just a group of five down to earth guys from the DMV who love discussing a variety of topics in their own unique way. The podcast is released every Friday, hence the name. They’re all 90s babies, as a warning, in case you’re not into hearing perspectives from millennials.

One of the best parts about this podcast is that yours truly, AwkwardlyCool, is a frequent participant in the podcast; though, I go by the name Andrew on the show. Also, if you happen to live in the DMV area or – D.C Metropolitan area for those less local – definitely contact Entertainmentbrandbusiness if you’re interested in participating. We love hearing different guests and if it’s your own brand. Hey! That’s free promotion.

If you’re looking for a new podcast in your life or just want something new to listen to.

Check out OnlyOnFridays!